The Benefits of Virtual Offices

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Nearly 1 million Australian’s now operating a home based business, taking advantage of the convenience, cost savings and lifestyle factors that come with working from home.

However, with these benefits comes some drawbacks in regards to privacy concerns and portraying a professional image to clients.

In recent years we have seen a steep rise in the popularity of Virtual Offices to combat these concerns. A Virtual Office provides you with a professional mailing address, dedicated business phone number with professional call answering, access to professional meeting rooms and much more.

Here’s just 3 reasons why Virtual Offices are becoming so popular:

  • Lower Overheads – Compared to┬ápaying an expensive CBD lease and all of the associated costs, Virtual Offices are a fraction of the cost.
  • ┬áProfessional Image – Your clients will appreciate the professional meeting spaces. No more holding confidential conversations in noisy coffee shops! Additionally, having a corporate mailing address adds to the perception of a successful business.
  • Privacy – Displaying your home address online can be risky. It may sound extreme but do you really want disgruntled former clients, your competition and criminals knowing where you and all of your valuable equipment is?

That’s just 3 reasons why a Virtual Office is a smart choice for home based businesses.

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